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I've delivered book talks and keynote speeches at international literature festivals and science festivals, corporate events, conferences, and even a music festival. If you're interested in booking me, get in touch via my contact page or social media channels above.

The Hay Festival: Tim Smedley talks to Andy Fryers

Globally, 18,000 people die each day from air pollution, a far greater number than those who die from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and car crashes combined. The overwhelming majority of air pollutants are local, short-lived and can be stopped at source. The benefits to health are instant and dramatic, and we can all play a part in clearing our air. Award-winning sustainability journalist Tim Smedley explains how.

Dublin Electric Vehicle Summit: Keynote Address

AFTERNOON KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Why Electrify? Air pollution and how to solve it…
2020 will see more new models of electric cars hit the market than ever before. But take-up remains slow and infrastructure will need to be improved to persuade consumers to make the transition. So, what are we doing this all for? In this talk our speaker will share the learning’s from his latest book Cleaning The Air.